Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Equine Motorcoach On The Road and A Rooftop Chalet

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Equine Motorcoach™ will be on site at the Classic Company's Gulfport, Mississippi Hunter/Jumper horse Show March 7-11. The all in one RV and horse transport will then make its way west to the Pin Oak Charity Horse Show in Houston, Texas, March 21-April 1.

"This gives us an opportunity to showcase our 2012 model in new markets," said Tom Stinnett, national dealer and Equine Motorcoach principal. "We have lots of interest and have already started manufacturing Coaches for new customers."

The made in the USA Equine Motorcoach process has given the transport company an opportunity to innovate with new and first generation models. "All things are possible now," said Stinnett. "We have engineered 2, 4 and 6-horse models to meet customers' specifications and our Coaches reflect the many needs and wants of our customers."

Rooftop chalet engineered and installed on a first generation Equine Motorcoach at Tom Stinnett Derby City RV.

The RV and horse transport company has also rolled out a production model of its towable line. Branded as the Equine Carriage, the line has an Equine Transport tow unit that can include living accommodations or the living accommodations can be created in the Equine Carriage or both. This line responds to the need to transport up to 8 horses.