Thursday, December 22, 2011

Lots happening into the holidays.

We are so excited about all of the interest in our second generation Equine Motorcoach. We have already closed some sales and have more in the pipeline. Our floor plans for the two, four and six horse are completed. Customization is key in creating an Equine Motorcoach that meets each customer's special needs.

We had lots of traffic at the RV Industry trade show in Louisville, KY and at our appearance at the U.S. Eventing Convention in Nashville, TN. Looks like distribution into Australia should happen by the end of next year.

We have already engineered some new products including the Equine Carriage and are starting on a smaller truck to meet another market need.

So, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone. We are very busy elves in Santa's workshop.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Happy Holidays to You and Your Horses.

It has been an amazing year for Equine Motorcoach. We moved our manufacturing to the United States and debuted our 2012 model at the RV Industry Trade Show.

We are so excited about the rave reviews and media coverage we received throughout the process. The most rewarding part of the process is all of the sales that are resulting from our efforts. The photos of the new Equine Motorcoach went viral over Facebook and the Internet. That is just an overwhelming experience.

Thank you! We can't wait to see more Equine Motorcoaches on the road along with a whole new line of horse transports/RVs that is already in production.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Take a look at the pictures.

CLICK HERE to view a slide show of the new 2012 Equine Motorcoach™.

Equine Motorcoach to Use RV|ID

For Immediate Release

Equine Motorcoach to Use RV|ID
SmartRV service provides helpful tools and enhances the customer experience

Louisville, KY (November 22, 2011). Equine Motorcoach, the builder of an all-in-one motorized RV and horse transport vehicle to be showcased at the RVIA Industry Trade Show this month, announced it is equipping its vehicles with RV|ID™. RV|ID is the innovative location-based system that provides real-time mapping, reports and alerts for high-value mobile assets. Using GPS and wireless communications, together with sophisticated software analytics, RV|ID gives Equine Motorcoach state-of-the art tools to efficiently manage inventory and improve customer support.

In addition, RV|ID-equipped RVs include the exciting new SmartRV™ consumer service. Smart RVs connect RV owners with their RVs and enable them to share their adventures with family and friends on the Internet. The SmartRV service monitors RV batteries, detects theft, provides location information, and automatically generates trip journals.

“The Equine Motorcoach is an exciting new product offering the latest in available technology so it makes perfect sense that it should also include RV|ID as standard equipment.” stated Tom Stinnett, principal and national dealer for Equine Motorcoach who is also the owner of Tom Stinnett Derby City RV in Clarksville, Ind., and co-chair of the Go-RVing Coalition. “RV|ID is good for our business because it enables us to keep in close contact with our customers while giving them to an innovative way to monitor their RVs and ensure the well-being of their horses.”

“We’re pleased that Equine’s innovative RVs will be Smart RVs,” stated John Mancinelli, vice president of RV dealer development for Red Lantern Labs, which offers the RV|ID and SmartRV services. “For manufacturers like Equine, and dealers like Tom Stinnett, our commercial and consumer services are useful, value-add selling features that benefit the whole supply chain, and especially RV owners.”

About Equine Motorcoach
Equine Motorcoach, LLC, ( a RV and horse transport company based in Louisville, KY, is the exclusive North American producer of the innovative Equine Motorcoach. Founded by co-owners Tom and Carolyn Stinnett and veteran advertising executive Julie Calzone, Equine Motorcoach RVs are manufactured in Bristol, IN by Kibbi, LLC. Tom Stinnett Derby City RV (, Clarksville, Ind., is the national dealer for all Equine Motorcoach products. Visit Equine at Booth 1528 at the National RV Trade show in Louisville, KY.

About Red Lantern and RV|ID
Using GPS and wireless communications technology, RV|ID ( provides valuable real-time mapping, reports and alerts for all stakeholders in the RV value chain—from floorplan lenders, to manufacturers, rental fleets and dealers. For RV owners, the SmartRV service ( monitors RV batteries, detects theft, provides location information, and automatically generates trip journals, which can be enhanced with trip details and shared with friends and family or posted to Facebook. Follow RV|ID on Twitter and like RV|ID and SmartRV on Facebook.

Red Lantern Labs, a privately held company based in Solana Beach, California, develops advanced telematics services that address the specific needs of the value chains in the RV,marine, heavy equipment, power sports and similar industries. Its patent-pending technology offers useful tools and a fun new social network for consumers and provide a full range of tools and applications that help businesses reduce risk and cost, operate more efficiently, enhance customer service and improve sales. Visit us at Booth C7 at the National RV Trade show in Louisville, KY.

Tom Stinnett
Equine Motorcoach, LLC

Jon Corn, President of Business Development & Sales
+1-858-367-5192 and

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Benefits of our U.S. manufacturing process

1. Feature Freightliner Chassis’

1. Benefit largest manufacturer in the trucking industry
2. Benefit nation wide dealer network
3. Benefit variety of chassis choices
4. Benefit variety of engine and transmission combinations
5. Benefit designed to go a million miles

2. Feature FRP construction

1. Benefit smooth seam free exterior
2. Benefit low maintenance
3. Benefit industrial strength
4. Benefit 100% walk on roof
5. Benefit paintable and repairable

3. Feature Onan generators

1. Benefit name brand recognition
2. Benefit variety of sizes to fit any application
3. Benefit nation wide service
4. Benefit quiet operation
5. Benefit slide out for easy maintenance

4. Feature steel storage boxes

1. Benefit powder coated for lasting durability
2. Benefit larger load capacity
3. Benefit lighted for ease of packing
4. Benefit felt lined for cargo protection
5. Benefit soft rubber door seal for cargo protection

5. Feature Super Sandwich Coach Floor

1. Benefit strong 3X6 steel frame runners
2. Benefit strong 2X2 steel cross members
3. Benefit galvanized steel vapor barrier
4. Benefit bead board and fiberglass insulation in floor
5. Benefit strong 3/4 “ plywood sub floor

6. Feature Sony electronics

1. Benefit full product line
2. Benefit name brand recognition
3. Benefit component compatibility
4. Benefit nationwide service
5. Benefit matching appearance

7. Feature central monitor panel

1. Benefit convenient location
2. Benefit shows tank levels
3. Benefit control water heater
4. Benefit control generator
5. Benefit operate slide-outs

8. Feature available slide-outs

1. Benefit increased living space
2. Benefit flush floor when extended
3. Benefit push button operation
4. Benefit rack & pinion/gear drive
5. Benefit standard awning for protection

9. Feature Flexsteel Seating

1. Benefit name brand recognition
2. Benefit engineered frames
3. Benefit multi-functional controls
4. Benefit engineered seat foam
5. Benefit modern styling

10. Feature Common RV Utilities

1. Benefit Suburban water heaters (nationwide service)
2. Benefit Suburban furnaces (nationwide service)
3. Benefit Dometic Refrigerators (nationwide service)
4. Benefit Shur-flow water pumps and vents (nationwide service)

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Monday, September 26, 2011

2012 Equine Motorcoach On Schedule For RV Industry Trade Show

(Louisville, Ky.) - The 2012 Equine Motorcoach™ is on schedule to showcase at the RVIA Industry Trade Show in Louisville, Kentucky, November 28-December 1. In total, the National RV Trade Show will feature 307 companies displaying the latest RVs and related products across more than 730,000 square feet of exhibit space.

Equine Motorcoach™ recently moved its manufacturing facility from the Europe to the United States where production of the first units are already underway. Equine Motorcoach™ is the only company in North America that manufactures an all in one RV and horse transport vehicle. The vehicle is modeled after the popular mode of horse transport in Europe.

"The exterior and interior finishes, engineering and horse transport area are progressing on schedule," said Tom Stinnett, Equine Motorcoach principal. "We are already seeing requests for new orders and are engineering 2, 4 and 6 horse models."

The current production model is a 4-horse, which is the most requested transport size. "We spent a lot of time at the top equestrian events throughout the U.S.," said Julie Calzone, another principal in the company. "Our marketing efforts brought us to Olympic Trials, National and International Championship events. Those events gave us the opportunity to engage thousands of top trainers, riders, families and horse enthusiasts who toured the Coach."

The Equine Motorcoach™ brand is solidly established," said Calzone. "More importantly we have been able to achieve a price point that meets the market's need while being able to maintain the high quality that has the horse community calling it a 'rock star bus for horses.'"

Stinnett and Calzone anticipate a significant volume of sales with the rebound in the RV market and the continued horse transport needs of the competitive and pleasure horse communities. "This is going to be especially true with the new pricing," said Stinnett. "When you look at what people are using to go and stay at a show - truck, horse trailer and RV - our vehicle is now going to provide a price structure that will keep those costs at or below what people are investing now."

The U.S. manufacturing process has also dramatically shortened the production process. The first 2012 Equine Motorcoach™ is being built on a 560 hp Freightliner, Cascadia chassis with an Allison 4000 TRV automatic transmission. The company created jobs for the U.S. through private investment and at no cost to the taxpayers.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Any Exterior Paint Design You Want.

This is just one example of an exterior paint design. Whatever you want, we can do.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Next Generation Equine Motorcoach™ Production Underway in the United States

For Immediate Release

Dealer Development and
Consumer Sales contact:
Tom Stinnett

Media contact:
Julie Calzone
337.235.2924 ext. 18

Next Generation Equine Motorcoach™ Production Underway in the United States

(Louisville, Ky.) – Equine Motorcoach™, the one of a kind all-in-one RV and horse transport company, has moved its manufacturing to the United States. The Coach was previously finished in Europe to take advantage of engineering and production quality that were unavailable in the North America marketplace when the company was founded.

The 2012 U.S. version will feature a four-horse configuration with fully loaded amenities on the interior and exterior. The interior has a spacious full bath, complete kitchen and multiple sleeping accommodations. The horse transport area has air ride suspension and European slant load configuration to provide our horses the best ride possible.

“Moving our manufacturing to the U.S. will give our customers all the ingenuity and manufacturing quality we are known for at a drastically reduced purchase price,” said Tom Stinnett, principal and Director of Sales for Equine Motorcoach™. “We are taking orders for new units while building a demonstration coach for display at horse shows and trade events.”

Kibbi LLC and Equine Motorcoach LLC signed an exclusive agreement to manufacture the widely known Equine Motorcoach™. The four-year old brand has achieved so much name recognition in North America that the partners in Equine Motorcoach LLC decided to move manufacturing to the U.S. after building a relationship with Kibbi LLC that included extensive engineering and design upgrades.

Kibbi LLC is an original equipment manufacturer of motorcoaches and heavy duty trailers as well as an up-fitter for custom designed interiors for specialty markets. Kibbi LLC uses commercial truck chassis manufactured by Freightliner and Volvo Motor Co. as it’s primary platforms for their current motorized product line. Interiors are designed using AutoCad computer design software and are custom built in a variety of lengths and sizes.

“We are excited to continue to produce a high quality vehicle that meets the needs of the U.S. equestrian market,” said Stinnett. “The new engineering plans incorporate what Americans like in their RVs along with our specialized horse transport area. We are pleased to secure these jobs for the U.S. through private investment and at no cost to the taxpayers.”

The first 2012 Equine Motorcoach™ is being built on a 560 hp Freightliner, Cascadia chassis with an Allison 4000 TRV automatic transmission.

For more information visit

Thursday, August 25, 2011


We are very excited to announce that the complete manufacturing for our Equine Motorcoach is now headquartered in the United States. We will be making a formal announcement in the next few days. The move has enabled us to produce the same high quality transport vehicle at a greatly reduced price. We also have financing packages in place.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Survey time.

Taking a little survey here. How many horses do you want to transport in your Equine Motorcoach?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Time for an update.

Lots is going on in our manufacturing world. We will have a major announcement in a couple of weeks.