Thursday, October 27, 2011

Benefits of our U.S. manufacturing process

1. Feature Freightliner Chassis’

1. Benefit largest manufacturer in the trucking industry
2. Benefit nation wide dealer network
3. Benefit variety of chassis choices
4. Benefit variety of engine and transmission combinations
5. Benefit designed to go a million miles

2. Feature FRP construction

1. Benefit smooth seam free exterior
2. Benefit low maintenance
3. Benefit industrial strength
4. Benefit 100% walk on roof
5. Benefit paintable and repairable

3. Feature Onan generators

1. Benefit name brand recognition
2. Benefit variety of sizes to fit any application
3. Benefit nation wide service
4. Benefit quiet operation
5. Benefit slide out for easy maintenance

4. Feature steel storage boxes

1. Benefit powder coated for lasting durability
2. Benefit larger load capacity
3. Benefit lighted for ease of packing
4. Benefit felt lined for cargo protection
5. Benefit soft rubber door seal for cargo protection

5. Feature Super Sandwich Coach Floor

1. Benefit strong 3X6 steel frame runners
2. Benefit strong 2X2 steel cross members
3. Benefit galvanized steel vapor barrier
4. Benefit bead board and fiberglass insulation in floor
5. Benefit strong 3/4 “ plywood sub floor

6. Feature Sony electronics

1. Benefit full product line
2. Benefit name brand recognition
3. Benefit component compatibility
4. Benefit nationwide service
5. Benefit matching appearance

7. Feature central monitor panel

1. Benefit convenient location
2. Benefit shows tank levels
3. Benefit control water heater
4. Benefit control generator
5. Benefit operate slide-outs

8. Feature available slide-outs

1. Benefit increased living space
2. Benefit flush floor when extended
3. Benefit push button operation
4. Benefit rack & pinion/gear drive
5. Benefit standard awning for protection

9. Feature Flexsteel Seating

1. Benefit name brand recognition
2. Benefit engineered frames
3. Benefit multi-functional controls
4. Benefit engineered seat foam
5. Benefit modern styling

10. Feature Common RV Utilities

1. Benefit Suburban water heaters (nationwide service)
2. Benefit Suburban furnaces (nationwide service)
3. Benefit Dometic Refrigerators (nationwide service)
4. Benefit Shur-flow water pumps and vents (nationwide service)