Monday, May 11, 2009

Equine Motorcoach Goes To Jersey Fresh.

The Mosings sent their Equine Motorcoach north to Will Faudree, who rides and trains Jennifer's horse Pawlow aka Ernie P. Mosing. Will and crew texted and called the whole trip to Jersey Fresh saying "it's the only way to travel!" Will said the horses walked out of the Coach just like they were just leaving their stall. They loved the ride and were fresh for Jersey Fresh.

Jennifer joined the Gavilan Farm crew for the event and enjoyed her first 3-star experience along with all of Will's cuisine.

When asked how he was able to have an Equine Motorcoach, Will simply answered that it belonged to Ernie P. Ernie P. finished 10th in his first 3-star and we know that the team selectors came to see Ernie P. and Will.