Saturday, October 4, 2008

On Display At Oklahoma State Fairgrounds for Grand National & World Championship Morgan Horse Show

(Oklahoma, Ok.) - The unique all-in-one motorized luxury RV and horse transport, Equine Motorcoach, is on display this weekend at the Oklahoma State Fairgrounds for the Grand National & World Championship Morgan Horse Show, today through the October 11, 2008, in Oklahoma City.

A registered Morgan is the result of breeding two registered Morgan horses. All Morgans today trace to the stallion Justin Morgan, foaled in 1789, who was originally known by the name "Figure". The registry for Morgans was founded in 1909. Prior to that time, Morgans identified by Colonel Joseph Battell as descendants of Justin Morgan were considered Morgan horses.

The breed was formed from European horses brought in with colonists, and the Morgans set themselves apart with unique characteristics from their ancestors. Justin Morgan was, in fact, a genetic "sport" in that he did not resemble his sire or dam in obvious ways. He passed these characteristics on to his offspring, forming a distinct type or breed of horse unique to America. Justin Morgan sired many foals, but the most important ones are his three sons, Sherman, Bulrush, & Woodbury. Every Morgan today traces back to him through one of these stallions.

As of August 20, 2007, there were approximately 107,950 living registered Morgans. Morgans excel in virtually all disciplines. They are one of the premier carriage horses in the world, and are used for combined driving, competitive trail, and endurance riding, eventing, working western events, dressage, all show ring disciplines, and as an excellent friend and companion whether in the backyard or on the trail.

Billed as "The New Breed Of Luxury", Equine Motorcoach is designated as the official horse transport vehicle of the United States Equestrian Federation. The horse transport area accommodates up to six horses comfortably, while providing an air-ride to ensure that the horses are ready to compete as soon as they arrive at a horse show.