Sunday, July 27, 2008

Have you really taken a look at how your horses are being transported these days? Have you ever been in your horse trailer while it goes down the road? Try it. You'll be surprised at how bumpy, noisy and how much movement is going on while you are sitting in your nice truck.

Not only does all of that wear the horse out before the show, it is stressful. We've heard a lot lately about research that says the American version of the slant load makes a horse dizzy from the motion of the scenery.

The Equine Motorcoach is an air-ride, quiet and a European slant-load - the major visual motion is behind the horse. When people spend so much money on a horse, it's hard to believe they would skimp on the type of ride they give their horses to the show. If you can't get an Equine Motorcoach, take another look at your transport and find a way to give your horse a good ride. Make sure the only work your horse has to do is at the show and not on the way to the show.