Saturday, April 26, 2008

What's in it for the horse?

The benefit for the horse is a ride as comfortable as human traveling in a car. They are less stressed and use a minimum of energy while traveling, especially when compared to conventional towed trailers (tag-a-long and/or gooseneck).

The flooring and the ventilation systems maximize the horse's comfort while traveling. When combined with the "air cushion" ride, there's no better way for the horse to travel, especially for long distances.

A groom can travel in an upper bunk in the horse transport section, so the horses can be monitored constantly. Cameras in the horse transport area allow the driver and passengers to monitor the horses without disturbing them.

The horses can be accessed from the RV portion of the Coach, so a visual check is possible.

Running red light interior lighting ensures that the horses can see easily, but will allow them to rest easier when traveling.

There are several access opportunities to the horses while they are in transport or stationery in the trailer. That means that the horses can be tended to easily while traveling - blankets, water, feed, hay, etc.

The ramp system and stalls allow for safe, easy and comfortable loading.

The sides and panels of the horse transport area are built so that if a horse kicks, they cannot penetrate it. The kicks are cushioned by the type of materials and construction used in the paneling.

There is plenty of height and width so the horse travels in comfort.

Translucent, soft vinyl panels hang from the stall partitions to ensure a safer separation while at the same time allowing the horse to move its legs sideways for balance.

The interior provides for a quiet ride, shielding the horse for exterior road noises that can be stressful.

The transport provides a steadier ride so horses don’t get anxious or stressed while anticipating the next move the transport will make.